Our Story

We know that starting a business is hard—and it’s even harder when you’re young and trying to do it on your own. We also know that there are tons of great business ideas out there, but most people don’t have the tools they need to make those ideas come to life.


With more than 15 years of experience, Zohaib and Bilal are constantly creating solutions that will last. The cousins launched SnapWeb Services, a full-service marketing firm with an emphasis on SMBs, when they were just 17 and 16 years old.

In just four years, Zohaib and Bilal transformed SnapWeb Services from a modest idea on paper to a multi-million dollar business that successfully exited the market. What began in Zohaib’s bedroom has literally expanded to numerous offices around the world. From there, they started Lead Origin, a company that focuses on solutions rather than services, to help businesses and organizations deal with a landscape that is always changing.


The Patolis want you to be able to see yourselves through us: young men who had big dreams for their futures and made them happen by working hard and staying determined throughout all kinds of challenges along the way.