Building Companies That Have An Impact

Bilal and Zohaib Patoli are company founders and dedicated entrepreneurs who are constantly creating solutions that will leave a lasting impact. With more than 15 years of experience, Bilal and Zohaib’s journey started in their early teens; starting with the creation of multiple seven-figure E-Commerce and retail businesses to generating millions in revenue through their marketing agencies.

Zohaib started his journey at 13 when he created a niche affordable jean business that sold six-figures in its first year. From trading in-demand sneakers to growing and selling multiple internet businesses, he proved himself as a young entrepreneur through a variety of business ventures. Zohaib built his diverse foundation by developing revenue-driven processes in operations & sales to help companies scale & modernize their business through customer behavior.

Bilal discovered eBay at 14 and used it to build his first e-commerce business. He shined at spotting potential value in key consumer markets by reselling imported goods from China. His marque product was a 14-in-1 wallet tool which scaled all the way to making $80,000 a month. As he studied how to grow his business, he stumbled upon Shopify which was still in its early stages. 10 months later he was able to launch his first successful consumer brand.

That’s when the two cousins decided to join forces. Zohaib and Bilal partnered & founded Withport – a company focused on launching innovative E-commerce concepts – which generated two million of combined revenue within the first year. From apparel to grooming supplies to credit repair services and everything in between, Zohaib and Bilal have launched and sold over thirty E-Commerce businesses in their young careers. Eventually seeking a new challenge, they pivoted into a SMB focused marketing agency aiming to help others scale their businesses.

In only four years they went from operating out of Zo’s bedroom to a successful multinational full service marketing agency that helped clients with digital, traditional, & print. After their exit, they then went to found LeadOrigin: a digital agency that empowers businesses of all sizes & industries to stimulate growth and enhance customer interaction.

Almost two years have passed and LeadOrigin has grown to over 50 team members including a talented multidimensional leadership team ready to propel LeadOrigin into the next stages of growth. As far as Bilal and Zo, their sites are set on revolutionizing the CRM software business. After generating and helping manage millions of leads for their customers, they have garnered a deep understanding for the shortcomings of other online CRM platforms. Armed with this unique perspective, they are looking to launch Leapify: an AI-powered CRM that will simplify next generation online marketing and sales processes for SMBs across the world. Bilal and Zohaib will not stop until they have accomplished their goal of changing the business world one lead at a time.